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Lennon's logs?


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Not forgetting


A Hard Day's Sh*te [ok 'night' :oops: ] (1964 Album of the same name)


and ones that I wont change


All I?ve Got to do?.. (1963 Album ?With the Beatles?)


All things must Pass (1969 Album ?Anthology?)


Act Naturally (1965 Album ?Help?)


Crying, Waiting, Hoping (1963 Album ?Live at the BBC?)


Don?t Bother Me (1963 Album ?With the Beatles?)


I Feel Fine (1964 Album 'Past Masters Volume 1')


It Won't Be Long (1933 Album 'With the Beatles')


I've Got a Feeling (1969 Album 'Let It Be')


I'll stop now but that was fun :wink:

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I was also going to say...... " " :shock:


but I think I should just quietly slip away now via the u-bend as I think I've said enough for one night.... infact I think I've said enough on most topics tonight..... :shock:


So maybe I should double flush to make sure I don't reappear anytime in the not so distant future :lol:

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