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Roman Industrial Estate


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Just re-read one of my books on the Roman Army which suggests IX Hispana and XXII Deiotariana seem to have gone missing from the records around 161 AD. IX being lost along the Danube, XXII in the Jewish revolt. The total number of Legions seems to have been kept to around 28. :wink:

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Maybe road works aren't that bad after all ...

Ice Age and other finds uncovered on the A46 in Nottinghamshire too




Considereing all the roman history round my way when united utilities dug up our road last year all they came across was a very large tea urn in a rather large void.


It stopped their digging for quite a while though as they had no idea what it was and it did look a bit 'odd' :shock:


Turned out it was part of what was once the underground railway system along the road for transporting building materials back and forth :lol::lol::lol:

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Not that exciting Peter but here?s some pics ....


All the workers had disbanded while they waited for instructions re what it could be, if it was dangerous and what to do about it as 'it' was in the way.

PS I got told of by an irate irish man with a mouth full of sandwiches for climbing through the gap in the railings to have a closer look armed with my camera... I thought he's gone on his lunch break but he was under cover on surveillance duty in his jcb :lol::wink:


I laughed as his main concern was that I might have fallen into the large hole ... I'm sure they would have found me though as the shaft that has appeared as they dug down and removed the lid was only about 3 foot deep there !?!?! :lol:


Heres the pic?s anyway (couldn?t get any of the actual old tracks though as apparently the urns were in side recesses and that?s where the blokes used to sit as the stuff wizzed past. The tacks run roughly under our front gardens and when the little 'trains' went by it you could apparently feel the vibrations :shock:


Handy having older neighbours who have lived round here for so long and remember things eh. United Utilities suited bosses who came down to investigate looked rather embrarrased that they didn't know anything about it when they were told what it was by my grinning neighbour :lol::wink:


The lid which was found underneath the road surface as they dug down :




Part of the walled recess.. tea urn is further back behind the metal support:




The offending item which caused all the worry :lol: :




Told you it wasn't that exciting :lol::lol::wink::P

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:oops: Can't quite remember... I'll go and ask when I've calmed down from watching the Wolves win :D:D:D:D:D Flippin' heck my nerves are battered :lol:


Think it was for the construction of the large drain on the other side of the village and was to transport the materials over that way as my neighbours aren't old enough to remember the canal being dug :lol:

I'll check


Could have been there from the canal days though and reused as large drain doesn't come up as far us as us.

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Sorry Tonymm.... it was my fault that things went of track :oops:


Please keep educating us as it's really interesting stuff :D


PS... I like the bracelets you make, I had a look on your website the other day. Might treat myself to one (if of course you will allow me to buy one after I spoilt your thread :shock:)


S O R R Y :D

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