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Dare we dream ?


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Looking at the remaining fixtures I say, yes, we can begin to dream. Everybody knows I'm a born pessimist(half empty glass type) but I really do think we'be got a good chance of finishing top dogs. Wigan have got both Hull clubs away, Leeds away and Huddersfield and Bradford at home. I can only see one banker Wigan victory there, Bradford at home. Whilst looking at our own I can see no reason why we shouldn't win all our remaining fixtures. Top of the pile and Challenge Cup will do for me. Old Trafford is just a SKY TV competition and not worth a carrot compared to the big two.

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I actually think we will beat saints in a couple of weeks, aslong as tony gets the right team selection against catalans next week.


Think we should rest Monaghan and give Clarke a game next week.


Also think Louis Anderson needs a break in readiness for Saints. Maybe Vinnie could fill in for him.


Exciting times ahead.

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If we lose to Saints then we've had it and we'll finish second, If we beat Saints then top is very possible with Wigan having a tougher group of fixtures... I honestly think we'll finish second and make the Old Trafford final but I'm not sure if we'll win it.


Finishing top doesn't bother me all that much, yes it would be nice and shows the best team throughout the year but finishing second is still above most peoples expectations and gives us the same advantage of a weeks rest, one game from the final and a second bite of the cherry at home if we were to lose.


I don't think we'll win the Challenge Cup.

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I think both the CC Final and the GF will be 50 50 whoever plays.


If we make the finals then we will have as good a chance as anyone.


Luck with injuries will also play a big part, whoever stays healthy will have the upper hand.

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