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Ironic that with the former Greenall family home about to change hands in one form or other the current Lord D has now put the whole of his Daresbury Estate up for sale for ?11+ million and will quit the area for his new mansion in south Cheshire. Only a couple of months ago there was a public denial of any move from the area !!

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Former Greenall's "Home" (Walton Hall and gardens) hasn't belonged to his family since 1941....and if he wants to now sell what is still actually his own personal home, land and other buildings and move out of the area then so what.


Ironic maybe but perhaps he just wants to move on. Luckily he can and with a big wad of money.. rest of us aren't quite so lucky eh ?

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General remarks and stipulations page of sale docs say :-


"Creamfields Festival and Other Shows Part of Lot 1 is used for the annual Creamfields Music Festival, the agreement for which is in place until 21st March 2012. The event is normally held on the August bank holiday weekend each year. It generates significant income for the Estate.


I'd put up with it for some signinicant 'income' :lol::wink:

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Doesn't say "that's" why he's selling it :P


Must be horrid to have all your personal problems splashed across the web. Is their Chelsea home up for sale too. Hope he and his wife have sorted everything out and if getting rid of old baggage helps then so be it :wink:


A fresh start for all maybe :?

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Lot 1 must surely be a better investment for Contessa Hotels than Walton Hall/Gardens but maybe probs with vendor over the usual 'Greenall' covenants and a public footpath runs by the house. Also (heaven forbid) the Creamfields organisation could buy and have raves every weekend - which Halton and Warrington Councillors would no doubt fall over backwards to approve !!

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Only Lot 2 (the bungalow and fruit farm) seem to be the only bit with a covenant... and the odd public footpath running past Lot 1 (the main house) if you turn it into a hotel isn't a problem. Would only be a tiny hotel though eh :wink:


PS Baz.. I am without sin so shall I throw first :lol::P


Someone else also pointed out that Contessa should buy the Daresbury Estate as a better investment on today news page and I replied there too



I do hope Contessa are looking at this. The setting, and the potential for development of the main house and all the surrounding buildings must surely be far more attractive to them than trying to develop a 5* Boutique Hotel in the middle of a public park. It has a swimming pool and tennis court and riding stable, and plenty of parking space for Rolls-Royces and even helicopters. Think about it, Contessa


If I had so much money available to spend I know which one I'd go for.... and it wouldn't be the one with the 125 year lease and associated hastle over pubic access etc. If they pulled out on the Walton Hall deal where they have council backing and bought the Daresbury Estate instead would planning permission be granted for change of use from residential/office/agrigultural use into hotel/pubs/spas etc. 'Sour grapes' may suddenly become a 'material planning consideration'. Although I presume it would go through Halton rather than Warrington. Good return on money though with Creamfields and other events etc etc though eh. Maybe Contessa will buy BOTH ! ....and bit by bit return the WHOLE Greenall's estate back to it's original entirety.... maybe Contessa already 'knew' about the forthcoming estate sale :wink:


Does seem to make sense :wink:

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PS Baz.. I am without sin so shall I throw first


Errm,that was me not Baz,once again Diz-more water in the Chardonnay please! :lol:




not me, I was in rainy France tasting the delights of 1664.


Back now, weather is awful even here.....

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