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More gloom.


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Stop thinking of dieticians as scientists - they're not, they've just read a book or two and extrapolated completely unfounded conclusions.


Treat them with the same degree of deserved scepticism as other pseudo-scientists such as climatologists, psychologists and economists.

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Nothing new there Obs as they have been saying that processed foods are bad for years. High in fat, salt, E numbers, chemicals and everything else you don't want to read or really know about cos they taste good :?


Have you tried lettuce Obs.... of course with all the insecticides etc you can never be too sure about those either.


Best bet is a little greenhouse in your garden and grow your own :wink:


and meat wise I was going to say...


fresh Chicken... but that is mainly fed processed foods with chemicals and fattened up and coloured accordingly.


or beef, lamb etc...... but again but that is mainly fed processed foods with chemicals and fattened up and coloured accordingly.


Then I was going to say Fish... but they swim in rivers and seas poluted by sewerage which has been 'deposited' by us after we have eaten processed foods


There is of course always


Dog.. but they eat crap tinned meat or processed dried stuff.


or Cats.. but they eat vermin who have eat rubbish (including processed foods and poisons in an attempt to kill them)


Maybe... goldfish... but no cos they swim around in their own poo's and carry the salmonella germ


Fresh Grass shoots and Water it is then...... or is it :?

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Apparently eggs are now good for you again. Must be feeding the chickens different stuff. :roll:


Yes, have you seen the ones advertised 'with added omega 3' ?

I don't presume that they've somehow managed to add it through the eggshell......so it must be going in the chicken before the egg is laid? Poor little chickens!

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I eat what I want to eat, drink what I want to drink as long as it is tasty and not too expensive and in moderation, life's too short, if you eat boring food, you won't live any longer, it will just feel like you do.


My favourite food or should I say comfort food is toast, I find that this is something you can eat at anytime and is a good pick-me-up when you are ill, I never get bored of toast. :wink:

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