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Fiona Bruce selected for safe Tory seat


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Anyway enough of me I?m not planning to stand for Parliament or the Senate you will be glad to here. Having only been to the States once, that was enough, the skiing was too regimented. Breckenridge slopes were like being on a 'policed' highway.


Cheshire Solicitor Fiona Bruce lives in Northwich, within a few minutes of the Middlewich boundary of the Congleton Constituency. She started up and has developed her business, Fiona Bruce & Co. LLP


Does anyone know what the LLP denotes as it seems to be a popular appendix for a couple of Warrington Borough Councillors titles.


Fi is at last heading further south but not as far south as Jo Crotty, oops I forgot she does have a local abode.


It looks as if Fi will soon be leaving her Penketh seat and the Financial Portfolio, where she has allegedly overseen ?17.5 million of tax savings, so watch the space when Gary announces it on the front page of Warrington WorldWide.


Mind you, should the savings have been re-invested in something else?

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Did you mean "loco" Peter?! :lol: Wasn't aware that either of our "Bliar's Babes" was "local" when forced on Warrington by an all women short list? :roll: If Fiona has saved over ?17million Geoff; then that's to her credit, given WBC was supposed to be over ?15million in the red - isn't that what Gordy calls "prudence"?! :roll::wink:

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