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Dame Vera tops the charts!


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went into town yesterday and Mrs Sid bought the CD so that is one less she has to worry about.(i think she bought it for her dad who is a similar age to Dame Vera. at least i hope she bought it for her dad and not for me as an anniversary present :cry: )


HMV seem to be going all out to plug the beatles game.

loads of posters and advertising as well as the drumkit (did not notice the pricees) cds etc all over the front of the store and songs playing nonstop.


quite different from dame Vera's, had to ask an assistant if they had it. one scratched head later and they found it.


kids today eh

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There is a game available for the PS3, XBox etc. which lets you take the role of one of the Beatles. Which means you can aimlessly bang, strum and "la la la" to your heatrs content; safe in the knowledge that you probably sound as good if not better than the four talentless chancers that did it for real 40 odd years ago! :lol:

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