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If United win the league ....


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Sour grapes Gary.

As in a lot of cases, the linesman was not doing his job.

It wouldn't have altered the result cos Man. U would have stepped up a gear and scored another.

If they win the league, it will be because they were the more consistent side from day one.

And they are a JOY to watch. If the poo fans watch them. :wink:

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Sheffield should have had a penalty and Heinze could perhaps have been dismissed.

Man U could have had a penalty for handball in the first half, the thug that assaulted Evra should have been booked, etc, etc,.

The score was comfirmed as 2- 0 in the paper this morning which is the only fact that matters, everything else is opinion.


I don't think it is luck alone that has put United twenty points in front of Liverpool; before I forget Bob, are City still in the big league? :D

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There's an article in the Mail about the inaccuracies of Jose. (Can't find a link online).

It states that this season Man.U have had FOUR penalties awarded against them and Chelsea only TWO.


I would also suggest, that the one Crouch got last week was very dubious to say the least. :roll:

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Originally posted by Gary:

It is because referees give the visiting teams nowt at Old Trafford. I have never seen such a clear cut penalty in my life which would have brough Sheffield back into the game but the referee just waved play on! :roll:

Short memory methinks. Liverpools first match of the season was against Sheffield. Fowler scored from a penalty that everyone but the referee knew wasn't a penalty. :roll:
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