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Wilderspool Causeway - drive through takeaway?


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Latchford West 2009/15040 03/08/2009 Delegated

Proposed outline application for construction of a 'drive-thru' hot food takeawa


Emery Planning Partnership Ltd

Jenson Investments




Latchford West 2009/15042 03/08/2009 Delegated

Outline application for construction of retail store (use class A1), associated


Emery Planning Partnership Ltd

Jensen Investments

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It is where they have just demolished the house together with the land next to it, up by the Gainsborough Rd/Loushers Lane junction.


Yes that's the place !! Between the Nursery and Kitchen shop. The units to the right of the house were earmarked for sale/demolition some time ago to extend the flats that were built.. but they didn't sell well so a reprieve was given and others moved their businesses there.


Anyway I digress.......It was a lovely large detached house an I was shocked to see that it had been demolished a while ago.. I'd have had that :shock::cry::lol:


In answer to GaryJ's question though..... it's a bit sketchy as to what exactly the outline planning applications are for other than retail or fast food.


Both applications are on the council's website but the two plans merely outline the actual area itself and show details of a 'vehicle trip rate' analysis/survey for both applications :?:roll:


Interestingly though the company who have surveyed the area have based their analysys for plan 2009/15040 on traffic movement for McDonnalds, Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken

and their analysys for plan 2009/15042 on Spar and Co-op. :wink:


I cant see them opening another Spar so close to the Chester Road and Ellesmere Road ones unless of course they are doing away with the very small Spar on Ellesmere :shock:


I can't see them opening a Co-op either as the Somerfield in Stockton Heath is changing to the Co-op soon.. not to mention Morrisons and the new Aldi being nearby.


Cant See it being a McDonnalds either as there is one just up the road at bridge foot.


I recon a KFC (yum yum) or Burger King (yeuch) as there are neither this end of the town.


But then again I'm just guessing as there is so little information on both applications... guess that's just because they are merely 'outline' planning applications. Could bump the land price up for resale if permission is allowed though for when the developers get to work on Walton Locks and Greenalls sites :wink:

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