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Mysterious Stone carving discovered ...........


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:? For over 11 years Archaeologist and Historian James Balme has been researching and investigating the Cheshire village of Warburton where he has uncovered evidence and artefacts dating from the Prehistoric, Early Bronze Age and Roman period of the history of the village.

At last it seems that James has uncovered an amazing stone carved artefact weighing over 30 kg and almost 2 feet in length. The object seems to represent a child or young adult in death resting its head on a stone block or pillow. But in a more sinister way there appears to be a carving of a rope around the neck of the effigy.

Could this be a ritual carving representing Human sacrifice ?? Judge for yourself from this the first ever film released of the stone carving that could possibly represent a Celtic offering.

:o Click on the link below to see the carved object....


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