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Home Secretary red over blue


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Caught with her hands in the till for a second time, quick apology, everything is forgotten about.


Try that approach next time a copper pulls you for speeding or using a phone while driving and see what you get!! :lol:


Obviously one law for the robbing, thieving, sneaky public servants and another for the rest of us.


Stinks to high heaven and she should be sacked NOW

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I agree with the earlier posting though WHY SHOULD WE pay for their TV !!


Is it only the additional 'film pay per view' expenses that have caused outrage and question rather than the subscribed to TV package ??


We have Virgin TV and Broadband ?67 ish package (they are with Virgin too) but WE can only claim the ?18 for broadband as a business expense... the TV package part is a LUXURY and not classed as an reclaimable expense.


Well if MP's can get away with it then so should we.... we should all be able to claim it back :D What can they say :wink:

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MPs already get a communications allowance which should cover the cost of internet connection without having to claim more on expenses. :roll:

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