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Shop Local discount card for Warrington?

Geoffrey Settle

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The success of a 10% discount card for Oswestry could be heading to a Town near you.


If it did would you be using it to support your local shopkeeper?

Try the shop local feature in our magazines Geoff - some local businesses are putting in special offers for our readers!

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More people would shop in the town if they didn't have to pay so much to park in the car parks.


I had the misfortune of going to Maplins the other day to buy something which cost about ?10.00. Because I took my time browsing as you do, it cost me ?1.20 (minimum charge) on the car park outside!! Thats more than 10% of the cost of what I bought from the shop!


I could have gone to the one on Edge Lane in Liverpool (probably as quick to get to with our traffic congestion in town) which has its own car park. There is one in Widnes or St Helens as I recall too where parking is either free or a lot cheaper than here


Widnes Town Centre has free parking, Trafford Centre does so what are the advantages for anyone wanting to go shopping in this town Geoff?

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I didn't know that there were any in Warrington Town?


How short sighted Geoff.... what do I tell my mate who lives in Callands and makes Jaguars in Speke?


and as for local bus drivers..... aren't they mostly Polish these days? Hardly locals are they?


How many market traders live in Warrington? Do you know that before you shop there? Because I know of many who have stalls but don't live in the town and I equally know people who live here and work in the Trafford Centre....


Hmmmm could be a difficult one this Geoff!!

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QED... you have proved my point.. there are NO Car Manufacturers based in Warrington and my Uncle Robert works at Halewood and he will vouch that it is not in Warrington.


Most bus drivers in Warrington are NOT Polish, I think that I may have bought a ticket off one during the last 18 months on a variety of services.


And as for Market traders well I've no idae where they live if I'd known that you were going to raise this technical question I would have done a straw poll whilst filming there for the Martket advert as an extra.

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I have not used the car park near Maplin for some years but I thought you only had to pay if you didn't buy something in one of the shops. I am sure they used to give you a receipt when you left which, if you showed it on the car park, meant you didn't have to pay

Have things changed?

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yes - new management of the car park and now only items bought in Asda get the free parking. hence I dont go to the cockhedge retail park anymore


?5 for over 4 hours in Golden Sqaure is another example of driving (pun intended) people away. Trafford Centre is free parking and costs less than ?5 return in petrol to get there. More choice etc etc.


As for busses, at ?2.60 return per adult to get into town, again cheaper to drive to Trafford Centre.


As a rule I get out of Golden Square under 4 hours to limit the charges to ?2.50.


10% discount card therefore wouldnt tempt me to stay longer for the average shop.


You have to make people want to stay and I hate to say it parking is an issue. The shops are now better in GS but wont stay there all day.

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