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Same old story at St Helens!


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Can't help feeling I have just experienced groundhog day after watching Warrington lose 26-14 at St Helens.

For 45 minutes Warrington hardly put a foot wrong and out muscled and out played Saints on their own ground.

But it is an 80 minute game and once Saints got a try there was only going to be one winner!

Warrington were dead on their feet by the end of the game so one wonders if the toughest ever pre-season training the players were talking about in the pre-match interviews may have left them out of breath.

But I suppose the plus side is that most teams aren't as goods as Saints and hopefully Warrington can build on the encouraging first 45 minutes, starting at home to Catalans next Saturday!

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They just seemed to run out of steam at the same time that Saints stepped up a gear and pulverised them into submission. :(


There were many good signs in the first half and they did outplay St. Helens, it's a shame that they had to have a break in play for half time.


Warrington have played the best now bring on ther rest. :D


Just hope my son's team 'Blackpool Panthers' win tomorrow in their cup match - he started last week as their development manager so I've got my fingers crossed.

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When will the penny drop that both King and Monaghan are a complete waste of space ? The pair of them were totally anonymous in last nights game unless you count King running around like a headless chicken grabbing at shadows in his own version of defence. He looks slower than ever both of foot and of thought. Gidley ran him ragged so Jimmy Lowes takes of Kev Penny !! Both of these expensive nonentities should be paid up and shipped back to Oz and let some of the kids have a go. They couldn't do any worse.

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But on a more positive note.............


Johnston can easily do as well or even better in the centres,Bridge will progress at half back and Clarke can do as good a job as Vinnie at 13.

Also lets remember we were the better team for 50% of the game and we were playing one of THE best club sides in the World.



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It is easy to drop the "young lad on the wing", irrespective of how he played, rather that admit that some of the expensive imports are poor investments.

Lowes admits he got the prematch planning wrong what about the during the match plan?


If Penny has been dropped becuase of his defensive errors then fine but lets hope that his coaches are working on his ability to improve in this area.


He is still learning and is very level headed and will return a better player. The club will miss his speed.


Given that his weakness was obviuos a long time ago why wasn't helped to work on it not only by the coach but also the other players, especially with their vast experience?

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Kevin Penny is put into hopeless defensive situations because of the sheer incompetence of other *senior* players inside him. King Kong himself couldn't prevent one on one defensive situations which Penny finds himself in no more than a couple of yards out from his own try line. If scapegoats are required it shouldn't be Kevin Penny. The fault is glaringly obvious to all but those who matter. I won't hold my breath waiting for the true culprits to be blamed. At any other club but the Wire Penny would be treated like the crown jewels. Here he's just the whipping boy.

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