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Help - CD/DVD directory lists


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I want to create an excel spreadsheet containing details of all files I have backed up on loads of cds/dvds over the last few years so I actually know what is on each disk.


Does anyone know of an easy way to create a list of files (folders) on an individual disc without the need to manually look and then type out the details (that will take me weeks).


I have gone into the 'command prompt' from my pc and can do a 'dir' list from my cd/dvd drive which shows exactly the sort of details I need but is there any way cto onvert or save what is shown as a .txt file or better still a .csv which I can then import into excel ??


Hope that made sense :oops:

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i have just tried a program called disk index. it is a small program that looks at the cd or other drive and then creates a log file of the contents. you can set it to use word as the default for reading the file. the only drawback i have found is that you will need to set up a folder and then access the log file by opening word and going to the folder.

if you try to view the log from the program word cannot seem to find it.

once in word you can then tweek the information to show what you need or import it into excel.

havent yet tried using excel as the default yet as i have inly just downloaded it and given it a quick try


i got from downloads.com and it is a free prog

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So I take it that my link was of no use either?


Sorry Wolfie I must have been posting my reply to Steve as you put yours on so I didn't see it :oops: Thanks for the link it sounds what I need but at a price. Guess I might have to spend some pennies after all :lol:


Cheers :D

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i have just tried a program called disk index.........i got from downloads.com and it is a free prog


Thanks EvilS..... downloaded it and it's just what I needed. :D

Thanks for the advice on creating a seperate folder for the txt files cos you are right it doesn't seem to be able to open them otherwhise... that would have confused me :lol:


Thanks again... :D:D:wink:

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i found one of my disks with the cryptic title of backup. when i ran it through the program i ended up with 357 pages in word. it was a dvd disk with almost the whole of the hard drive on it :shock::?:lol:


i also found that it will also catalogue memory sticks and memory cards as well provided you specify what drive to itemise.

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