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Snobs or what?


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Isn't Church Lane in Culcheth the one with the Harrow Pub, Rakes Pub and Packhorse Pub plus Chinese take-a-way and other food places. I may have the wrong road or some of the ones I mention might have closed since I last went over that way. :wink::?:


Can't see what the problem is or why the residents are so against it as I'd be more than happy to have a local bus passing my house everyday. I'd use public transport if it picked me up and dropped me off right outside my house :D ...


How odd :?

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The bus in question would turn left off Warrington Road down Shaw Street turn right along Church Lane then join the original route along Common Lane.

Two buses per hour upto 1800hrs then one bus per hour thereafter. The later buses would have difficulty with illegal parking on Shaw Street by patrons of The Spice Lounge.


There are quite a few people who would benefit from the detour during the day, less so at night. I am surprised that any objection has been forthcoming.

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