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Cheap drinks at Wetherspoons


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Getting ?tanked up? on cheaper booze before moving onto places where the booze is rip off prices isn?t something new, just go into many pubs on a weekend night and watch them empty out as people then head off for town. But whether the cheap booze is bought from a supermarket or an outlet like Weatherspoons the end result is still the same.


I suppose you could argue that they?re just as guilty as the supermarkets in that they?re fuelling the binge-drinking problem by providing cheap drinks and if you think about it, Weatherspoons are to traditional pubs what supermarkets are to corner shops. They'd probably argue they?re just responding to the downturn in the economy but Weatherspoons don?t really get the problems associated with too much booze because they close well before most other pubs so all the trouble that occurs at the end of the night ends up elsewhere.


Personally I don?t think we need to read too much into this because from what I?ve seen the place is packed to bursting point anyway at binge time so I can?t see it selling much more.


Bill :)

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When i go out to have a drink I don't even ask what the price is - I just enjoy a couple of pints and then make my way home.

The fact that it is now 99p doesn't make me want to drink more.

Those who want to get plastered or have a drink problem will over indulge whatever the price.

I suppose the main concern is for young people who may be encouraged to drink more because it is cheaper and then they get hooked and become alcoholics!

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The trick is to make them believe you?re had a few too many then ask for a pint of 1950?s bitter.


Eventually they give you a pint of anything just to get you off their case.


You ask if they?re sure it?s really 1950?s bitter.


Then give em 10p and tell em to have one themselves. :wink::P:lol:


Bill :)

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