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Unemployment to rise.


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They aren't BT staff...They're agency workers...Use...abuse....dispose.


Maybe so but there are still 10,000 people from just the BT empire now destined to become redundant by March 09 :shock:


Obs.. you beat me to the question about Indian Call centres :wink:


On that subject I would expect that the number of Indian call centres will actually increase as large companies try to save money over the coming year(s) without having to comply with the employment regulations and minimum wage laws we have here to protect employees.


I was in my local HSBC bank with a query and was told I had to use their 'red phone' on the wall to speak to someone could actually help me... EH :?:


Their red phone actually connected me with a person in their foreign Call Centre thousands of miles away in India (how do I know....cos I asked the person on the other end of the phone where they were based :wink: )


Don't get me wrong they have always been very polite (although a little hard to understand) but WHY should I have to ring India when I am actually STOOD in my own local bank :?


With the current problems and inevetable job losses in the UK then maybe some of these outsourced jobs should be brought back home but of course they wont becasue it will cost more :?

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So that HSBC advert where they show what a caring bank they are; all tuned in to the needs of whatever country they are in, is actually nonsense?? :lol:


Maybe 8 out of 10 bank customers wanted call centres in India manned by lots of men called "Kevin"!!

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