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Swings and roundabouts!


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great idea close down all the drop in centres and replace them with playgrounds :shock:


it is not as daft as it sounds as it gives them somewhere to go for a chat and using the equipment gives them exercise and puts a bit of childhood fun back into their lives. i did see something a while back about one of these schemes and the people using the equipment were really enjoying themselves. mind you it may have been around the beginning of April so i did not take it too seriously.


on the down side? there is a bit of a health and safety issue. i mean imaging the scene in the hospital. "just how did you manage to break your hip" "well i was on this slide and my zimmer got stuck" :oops:

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Telephones? Why shouldn't they have telephones? :wink::wink:


I agree :wink: How on earth would they phone their friends to see if they were playing out :P


Obs The 'twirly playgrounds' sound like fun. I say go for it Warrington.. can we have some. Apparently there are no age restricitions on the ones that exist so those of us who are still in training to become twirlies could use them too 8)


See you there then Obs or what :lol::P

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