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Natural athletes versus pumping iron freaks.


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What a contrast between the players in today's World Cup game against Australia. Not a single tatooed muscle bound Oz player. They are a team of naturally big and immensly strong players with pace to burn. Compare this with the bunch of posers on the England side. Every one of their forwards could give any of the England backs a run for their money in the pace department with the possible exception of Calderwood. I've just taken a look on the St Helens web site and shocked to discover that Paul Wellens is 15 stone 2 pounds. Is it any wonder he is so slow ? Perhaps the people who are calling for Kevin Penny to get on the weights may now reconsider. Yes, he'll be a couple or three stones heavier but at the expense of his greatest talent which is his pace. In the forwards today it was like watching grown men play against little kids. The England pack was run off the park, especially Graham and Fasavulu(what a poser!!). So let's have less of the self-examing of biceps and a little more of the football. Don't select anybody for the side with tatoos. Yes, the South Sea Islanders have tatoos but have done so for centuries. Tatood Maori art just looks daft in Fingerpost and Hunslet.

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