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The Great AC/DC ticket rip off!


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AC/DC tickets went on sale at 10am this morning and were all snapped up by 10.01 :(

But an affiliate site of Ticketmaster had the tickets available at four times their face value and even more for prime tickets - some going for ?350!!!

What happend tot he days when true fans could simply queue up on a Saturday morning (sometimes afdter queuing over night) to get tickets to see their favourite bands!

I will have to hope my alternative source of tickets comes off or I won't be seeing them.

I am certainly not prepared to pay ?200-?300 for a ticket!


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Its a disgrace Gary. Touting in all its forms should be made a criminal offence and rigorously enforced. The trouble is nobody in the music industry loses just the fans as usual so nothing gets done. Its the same with sporting tickets too even though that is supposedly illegal.

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Can't believe anyone would pay that for tickets :shock: .... guess the touts and likes of 'Ticket Master' know how much they can push up the price :evil: cos the real fans will always pay the price to see their idols :shock:


Perhaps if people refused to buy the tickets then the prices would come down... guess that will never happen though eh :wink:


Also as the ticket sellers are adding a massive % onto the price of tickets how come the bands don't question it or say anything themselves.....surely they don't want to see their fans being ripped off as a band without fans is nothing at all :wink:


Anyway AC/DC aren't that good anyway .... :lol::P

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