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Kids ignored.


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Just watched an experiment on TV, where child actors were used to appear lost in a large Dept Store; the vast majority of passing adults totally ignored their plight - wonder why?! :? Then guess who came along to criticise the current trend of adults watching their backs - none other than the main architect of this malaise - Esther Ranson! :roll: Then just to rub salt in the wound, the same day, the UN of all institutions, is claiming we're too hard on kids and shouldn't lock 'em up etc - so it's not kids that are going round knifing and shooting each other, and if it is, we should just give them a good talking to! :roll: The mind boggles! :wink:

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I have been there and done the right thing - walked the child to the closest security guard- parents heard their names over the loudspeaker and came running.


I am a woman so I think I am safer than a man would be in that situation - but if you walk the child and talk to anyone coming by "Hey do you know this child's parents?" it helps look less guilty!!

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there is no way in the world I, a 40 yo bloke can in this day and age walk up to a lost looking kid and try to comfort or re-assure it unless I worked and was wearing the uniform of the shop in question.


what can you do, even just taking the kid to the information desk and getting spotted by the parent en-route....I don't think so.


because with out doubt, you will be arrested, charged and no proven innocence will ever stop the gossip despite (if it were me) being a father of three, and if you include the children of mother I have dated etc in my life father figure to a further four., all of which have known a good loving father type as expected.



but saying that, when I think of all the girls I have dated in my teans (teans wth is a tean...Teens) etc who had been abused by family figures (fathers/uncles/cousins) in their youth its over 50%...SHOCKING! so no wonder there is cause for concern, however I think stranger danger is nothing compared to relative danger on my knowledge of past relationships.


its a sick world...and it annoys me. .

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