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  1. Anyone fancy using one word instead of two? heres one (bullshit)....what a daft thing to campaign about. It's only a few weeks ago that young people from this town came back from doing their duty in coffins......GROW UP!
  2. Or get a Councillor who doesn't give a .................. Clickety duck?
  3. Paul, when you say (chavs), do you mean people that are not in your social class?
  4. Mobile phone users should be banned from pubs.......by law. Lets really empty em.
  5. Posters, You seem to forget that your Mayor represents you. Please dismount from your high horses in a gracious fashion, you do no favours to anyone. I got caught parking in a restriced area and got a ticket and paid...........wasn't nice.I..Just paid it. There are many issues in our society that need addressing...........address em
  6. I can remember the time when Bridge street was a time and place of social activity. OK it wasn't the place that mothers wanted their daughters to be on a Saturday evening but it was a place of activity on a social level. People met at the end of the evening and interacted in a way that transcended the rules. Percieved values were challenged, the lucky ones got it on. I wonder if the same thing is going on now. The council have failed to keep this area, just take a look and wonder where the money went. Maybe our youth are keeping a tradition going!!!!
  7. I hope the people that are starting this new venture know what they are up against. It must be hard enough under normal circumstances to get a new venture going but, doing something like this in a town centre that has been left to rot will be very difficult. I hope that they will succeed but, the odds are stacked against them. On todays front page, our brave councillors are looking at closing a business selling pasta as it "lowers the tone". Maybe he should move ten yards down Bridge street and sell heroin instead, just to keep the tone the same.
  8. I don't want to be a damp squib and I do know my title is grumpy to start with, but, I can't really see it working. Warrington town centre has died on it's ar*e due to greed by the council. Anywhere between Sankey street and Bridge Foot is a ghost town, it's a slum by any other name. Could anyone call it otherwise? Nothing thrives in the town centre now, it's an unpleasant place to go. Out of town is the only thing that actually attracts people. That's a sad fact
  9. Still quiet from leading politicians..........they haven't been so quiet since some expenses were exposed.
  10. This is a difficult one for me. I haven't fully researched the history of the case in the online media but, just by following this thread something doesn't seem quite right. This man is convicted and sentenced on the opinion of three judges. Before the end of his sentence he is released on compassionate grounds. At his arrival in his home country he is greeted and hugged by the countries president. The media are there to record many people waving flags and celebrating. The presidents son lets a little trade issue slip in conversation. The Americans go ape. The English government go schtum. That's only a few of the issues that can be considered. My initial guess is that this is about money.........somebody is going to make some, they might know a politician.
  11. I don't know if this link will work but it's pretty easy to find. I posted it ages ago on another thread about a similar subject. It's by an American comedian called Tom Mabe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=un_PjRXV5l8 If the link doesn't work just search " Tom Mabe telemarketer " on you tube. It's a brilliant prank.
  12. Had a call recently from a call centre and got on my high horse, big time..........did the usual rant about strangers calling me at home and not giving me their home numbers to discuss the situation at a more convenient time. Ended up feeling really guilty, the young girl was just getting to the end of a 12 hour shift and was knackered. It isn't the people making the calls that are a problem, it's the culture that drives it.
  13. I stand corrected, must look a right site.
  14. What people seem to forget is that the site of the old baths is a "wet sight". This means it is unsuitable as a location for traffic lights. No money can be poured into the area or proffessional politicians back pockets. Get a grip people !!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. With all of these latest scandals, I have decided that I will vote at the next general election. If I have a candidate I will vote for UKIP. My reasons are, 1; Europe doesn't work. We don't need to contribute to it. 2; Immigration. We are full. Try applying for a low pay job. 3; Racism. It's a horrible thing. That's why I looked at, and discarded the BNP as an option. With all that has been revealed I will not give my vote to any of the three major parties that make our political system. Indeed they have made it what it is, a self serving means to an end. If there is no UKIP candidate, then I shall vote for an independant. I will definately vote.
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