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Hollyoaks v Warrington Town XI


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Following the news reported on our site yesterday interest in this match has really taken off, with fans of the teenage soap travelling from all over the Uk to watch the event which is supporting two local charities, Warrington Disability Partnership and SPARC.

To book tickets on line and for more information visit


The match takes place on Sunday October 5th and there are a limited number of VIp tickets which include a buffet and chance to meet the stars.

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Is entry to the game by ticket only or can you pay on the gate?


If Woody is doing his usual ?match day entrance co-coordinator? it will break my heart to hand over the cash, but it will be worth it for a good cause. :lol:

You can pay on the day if there is any room left!

Tickets are going like hot cakes! :shock:

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1-1 with town loseing on penalties


not sure about the attendence but it was pritty full, I know in the past the club has been warry of comitting themselves but it would be nice if we could tot up how much was raised and mybe present some cheques tomorrow night. This would look great in the weekly round ups, warrington host national event and raise ?x for charity.



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Result, attendance?


Afraid Hammers v Bolton kept me away, and thankfully daughter changed her mind :lol:

See for yourself -


It was a fantastic day - and for those who didn't attend you missed a truly fantastic occasion.

A big thank you to everyone who took part and supported the day.

There was a four figure crowd and a mini-pitch invasion for autographs - a first for Warrington Town.

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Cheers Gary my daughter and her 6 friends had a great time and got some good snaps - must have been part of the invasion.


We were a bit confused about the arrival of tickets but then found out that the receipt was all that was required so panic over on Saturday evening when she re-read her emails.


Hope loads of dosh was raised. :D

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