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Fireworks on Sale for attack?

Geoffrey Settle

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Are fireworks being sold already and it's only mid September?


I thought that measures had been brought in to restrict such action by shopkeepers, obviously I'm wrong.


Arson attacks on the Fearnhead Community Centre used to happen during the night after the building had closed. Security fences were erected around the back and shutters at the front to minimise such occurrences.


Local teens used to be content to throw stones on the roof during Parish Council meetings and this was even on occasions when the police were in attendance.


Monday's attack with a firework, thrown into a room of councillors and members of the public, during a meeting beggar?s belief. I just hope that they nail the culprit: evil:

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You are correct obs she is doing a great deal to try and cap the sale and stop fireworks from being misused.


Unfortunately the teens are still able to get their hands on fireworks. It's down to local enforcement, parents and the community at large to make sure that they do not.


I hope that you are also doing your bit.

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it is all very well but "irresponsible" is a subjective term at best unless closely defined.


it could mean that anybody setting off a firework could be prosecuted unless they have a license to do so and include full safety assessment forms and have given at least three weeks notice in local newspapers.


in saying that aldi have some on offer from ?5.00 up to ?20.00 for a pack of rockets that would not look amiss slung under the wing of a fighter bomber :shock::twisted:

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Are fireworks being sold already and it's only mid September?



But fireworks (and trust me they annoy me too) are not a seasonal thing. I may have reason for fireworks mid may.


maybe if they were available all year round their wouldnt be this annoying run up to bonfire night when everyone is setting them off everynight for the two weeks before...using the binge drinking principle (not that that worked) but thats not because the theory isnt sound its just you can't account for idiocy.


but I do realy think that in the case of fireworks, if they were more readily available for the celebrations we choose throught the year, it would not be such a fascination at this.

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I suppose they are only enjoyable when you are aparty to them, even the sonics, especialy when combined with clasical music.


I suppose we are all a bit selfish that way.


If I do buy bonfire night fireworks a stickler for either the 5th of november, or the nearest weekend before or after, theres no need for other nights IMO as far as bonfire night is concerned.

but even my weekends is a stretch from the hardliners.

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