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Drive in Movies!


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I hope he was banned from driving? i hate to see socalled professional Drivers reading papers or mags or as you say watching a DVD whilst driving an automatic months ban should be madatory for such offences..


but saying that car drivers are not any better are they,, they even eat cornflakes on the way to work or play a Violin yes a Violin whilst driving..





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I never said anything was wrong, I just implied that you are completely one dimensional and obsessed with having a go at Scousers at any given opportunity to the point of tedium, invoking in me a sense of pity rather than the anger you seem to crave. :D

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Yeh but -Obsessions are ideas, images and impulses that run through a person's mind over and over again.


Mine only surface when a scousers starts whingeing :D


I think you are a fibber :wink: . It seems to be your only subject of interest and regardless what others are discussing you have an undying need to drag "scousers" into the discussion, whether the conversation warrants it or not. There is life outside your hatred you just need to look a little harder.

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