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Yet another season of let-down.


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In an unusally scathing match report on the club's official web-site it claims last night's performance was the worst this season. I disagree. Bad as it was it didn't match the disgrace at Belle Vue earlier in the season. The trouble was last night there was too many kids playing alongside senior players who weren't of the required standard. To summarise:

Hicks: best of a bad bunch...keep

Riley: Wholehearted display seemed genuinely upset when he made a mistake..keep


King: Absolute zero,I'll take him to the airport myself.

Penny:Left exposed by King's incompetence. Keep.

Gleeson:World class centre playing out of position.Keep

Monaghan: Hooker wannabe halfback. Same car as King.

Morley:First minute injury. One of the few class players we have.Keep

Clarke: Headless chicken. More time needed on the sunbed.

Rauhihi: Old and way past his best.Taxi.

Mitchell: Two more seasons with the kids.

Westwood: Tireless grafter.Keep.

Blythe:Two more seasons with the kids

Parker:Substandard plodder. Taxi.

Bracek: Not half as good as he seems to think he is. Taxi.

Wood: Injury prone. Taxi.

Cooper: Two more seasons with the kids.

Jimmy Lowes: Jury out. I like Jimmy but you've got to be heard headed and realistic. Ten match probation and if no improvement, Taxi.

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Nowt to do with being fickle it's a concern for the immediate and long term future of the club. The recruitment policy in the last couple of years has been nothing short of disastrous and it makes you wonder if there is competence at any level at all within the club. Who runs this outfit ? Seems to me a couple of shopkeepers a career politician and a not too bright pop impressario. The club has made what appears to be *blind* signings from the antipodes. Does anybody connected with the club vet these players before handing them long term lucrative contracts ? How much cost would be involved in making independent assessments of these dopes before they have been signed up ? All it would take is for a couple of knowledgable blokes to jump on a plane and eyeball these chumps for the benefit of the club. May I suggest Doug Laughton and Alex Murphy or other men of similar knowledge of the game. It took me ten minutes to weigh up Monaghan and a couple of games with King before the penny dropped that the pair of them are duds. They are no better than many domestic journeymen players who are on a fraction of the cash these two are on. How we get out of this mess I do not know. We are up to maximum on the salary cap, hundreds of thousands of pounds of this cap is being wasted on substandard players who don't seem to be able to develop a winning mentality. Consider the cost of slipping from 4th to 6th in the league and losing the advantage of a home tie. The club will have lost a couple of hundred thousand pounds on the gate and incurred a costly trip to the south of France, where no doubt we'll suffer further humiliation.

Goodness knows how the club will create any interest for next season. The *Next season is OUR season* won't rub anymore. They have used it once too often. The only way I can see the club going is backwards. There's nothing left on the salary cap, all we have is what we've got.

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If you think what is going on on the pitch is bad enough take a look at the accounts for Warrington Rugby Football Club Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Warrington Sports Holdings (Simon Moran's company).

The old club only lost ?20k in 2007 but is still more than ?4 million in debt yet still managed to pay its directors over ?100K !!!

The directors are listed as Doug Hoyle and Andy Gatcliffe!

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Perhaps you wouldn't have a new Stadium without good old Doug; so perhaps ?100k is a just reward?! :wink: Since when have "fans" been capable of viewing anything in the "long term" Safe? :shock: Would they wait ten years to build up a team consisting solely of locally recruited talent, instead of geriatric Ozzies - Nah; they can't see beyond this season, never mind the next! :wink:

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Perhaps you wouldn't have a new Stadium without good old Doug; so perhaps ?100k is a just reward?!


Seems that the new stadium has lost out to Widnes for Wigans 'home' tie to Bradford :roll:


Wigan Warriors can now confirm the venue of their Elimination Play-Off tie with Bradford Bulls on Friday 12th September 2008. The tie will take place at the Stobart Stadium in Widnes with an 8pm kick off.
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