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Peter T

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Released in 1993 in US at a price of around ?500 for processor alone

at best over here we had state of the art 486s most people/businesses still running on 286s


in 1993 a 20MB HDD would have cost you about ?80 a 150MB around ?900


since PCs at the time usualy cost around ?1,200 most gamer vamped PCs would come with 60mb HDDs costing in the region of ?200 at the time(for HDD alone).


386s didnt take off here between 286 and 486 as only the 286 were being produced by the big boys (ibm) and only with the introduction of clone PCs did the competition breed wildfire processing power rivalry.

by the time we were buying 386s 486s were available to those that wanted power 386s were for the poor men.


so most business had 286s with 20mb HDDs as I stated.


some enthusiasts had a little better but at great expense.


we get things almost immeadiately now, but back then we were way behind.


the 60mhz pentium of which you speak, didnt realy arive here until well 1995 and was pushed with Windows 95 on release. although still 486s were more popular for the average budget (?1200).


so if you had a 486 in 1993...it must of cost a lot!


during 1986-1995 I was heavily involved in the computer retail industry.

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