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Do we need to review sentencing tariffs?


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If three people were killed in a car crash on the M/Way; by a car that allegedly was being driven at speed, by a driver who'd had a drink - should it be classed as murder? :? After all, if a drunk knifed three people in the street they would go to jail for at least - err 6 years. :roll: So what's different about killing with a motor car? :evil:

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So, if you kill someone, without planning to do it, it's not murder - the fact remains someone's dead by your hand, as much if you do it with a car as a knife or a gun - thus if only manslaughter, sentencing should be comparable - say 10 years prison and banned from driving for life. :roll:

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My little lad was in his mums car the other day and was driving down the M6 to Legoland.


Mum pointed out that there was a Ferrari coming up the outside ; and being a bit of a car lover (don't know where he gets that from) he grabbed his mums camera and took some pictures as it went past.


When we downloaded them, imagine seeing the driver with a mobile phone to his ear! Why is it that most drivers of big flashy expensive cars won't spend the extra 20 quid for a bluetooth kit? Maybe the fact that there are not enough Police patrols on the motorway to enforce the law?


Maybe I should send the photos to the Police? The reg number is clearly visable in one of the shots!!

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They did some tests on TV tonight; seems sat-nav programming whilst driving is the most dangerous driver distraction. :roll::wink:


I would agree with that....it used to be reading a map on the lap.....or balancing it on the steering wheel....and for some people it still is.


Mind you for some an attractive female either as a pasenger....or as a pedestrian can be a major distraction. :wink::)


It seems to be that people do have a casual regard to driving, not realising the damage one ton of metal at 30+ MPH can do. By and large manufacturers have realised that and in order to protect occupants and ensure that they feel safer cosset them with airbags, crumple zones, and features that counter a driver's inadequacies.


PS To answer the question, yes....but we might need to build some more prisons first...or maybe they should be labour camps....or hotels Interesting article on the subject:



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Re.. the actual title of this thread.. 'Do we need to review sentencing tariffs'


Front page news today Saturday 9th August


Local teen shoots girl in leg with paint ball gun ? gets 12 months in young offenders institution.


whilst a


Local serial flasher who exposed himself on numerous occasions ,including infront of very young teenage girls, and who also admitted burglary - gets no jail sentence :roll: but will be under supervision for three years ??? (what 24 hours a day??? ) , ordered to live at a bail hostel for 12-months :roll: , and ordered to complete a sex offenders programme and to sign on with police for the next five years.


Surely something is wrong :?

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