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4,000 foreign prisoners deported


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More than 4,000 foreign prisoners have been deported this year, exceeding the target set by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the Home Office said.


The figure represented a 50% increase on last year, officials said.


Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said: "Foreign law breakers should be first in line for the first plane out of Britain.


"We promised to remove 4,000 foreign national prisoners this year and we meant it."


The total includes more than 20 people convicted of killings, more than 200 sex offenders and more than 1,100 drug offenders.


Mr Brown announced the new target in July in an attempt to alleviate pressure on the overcrowded prison system by accelerating the removals process.


Foreign national prisoners can remain locked up in detention centres once their sentences are complete while they await deportation.


Shadow home secretary David Davis said that the numbers being removed were equal to the numbers who would escape deportation because their sentences were less than 12 months.


"The Government should not crow about meeting this artificially set target. The Government is replicating the problem they are claiming to have solved," he said.


"In addition, over 500 foreign prisoners have been released early by this Government and our prisons are still at bursting point with record levels of foreign prisoners in them. Gordon Brown's claim that 'If you commit a crime you will be deported from our country' remains a piece of cynical spin."


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1 in 7 of the prison population are foreign. That's 11000, so there's plenty more to go at. Thing is though, by the time they have had their appeal, then a second appeal, then the local bleeding hearts have raised their petition saying how much charity work the/she does, the home office has lost their papers and will grant them amnesty.

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I understand the figure is the target figure and since it has been reached, as with all targets, there is no logic in the eyes of those who are responsible for carrying out the deportations to exceed it. That is always the problem with targets. Maybe much simpler to say ALL foreign criminals will be deported and banned forever from returning to our shores.

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It is ok saying 4000 foreign villains are being deported,but why is security at our borders so lax as to let these criminals in to start with? This is an area that needs tightening up before Sangatte 2 is up & running.Surely our police should be liaising with corresponding police forces across Europe & with Interpol to stop these villains entering the UK.Also seeing as we are part of the EU should it not be an offence for a country to shepherd criminals across its own soil in order for them to settle in another member state ?

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Interestingly they might not actually indulge in criminal activity in their own country...possibly due to severe punishment, but rather seek to take up their new form of employment is a lax country where the rewards are greater and the chances of getting caught slim, and indeed if caught and sentenced to prison, our prisons offer rather better lifestyle conditions than they would get elsewhere....including freedom in their own country.


I also notice that some countries now seem to encourage their citizens to come to the UK...illegally, so as to benefit from our "free" healthcare system. In the particular Ghanaian case I notice its High Commissioner to the UK has asked that we allow the woman back as she cannot afford to pay for the treatment in Ghana. Might I suggest to him that apart from being told where to go.....he asks his own Government to provide free care to the woman in Ghana or arranges for them to pay the NHS for the full cost of the treatment....or even foots the bill himself. And before people in the NHS and elsewhere jump up and down saying how unfair I am being, I suggest they consider who pays NHS wages...and it is not the Ghanaians nor indeed any other country...it is in case they are unsure, UK taxpayers, particularly those who have been taxpayers for some considerable time!


[ 13.01.2008, 11:20: Message edited by: Paul Kennedy ]

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Unfortunately,Britain seems to be the target for every organised crime operation in Europe & beyond & our welfare system the target of every health tourist & benefit scrounger.Although there are many hardworking immigrant & itinerant workers contributing to our economy they are unfortunately being tarred with the same brush as the misfits & rogues who have come here as well.I do find it ridiculous though that foreigners are able to claim for their families living "back home" ....i doubt there is reciprocal agreement for British working abroad.

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