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Police State ???


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Lot of fuss lately about the Jewish guy that complained about the police officer who threatened to arrest him and restrict his rights to free movement while seemingly ignoring the nearby flag waving Palestinians.

It was all caught on camera and the media had an absolute field day with it. Two channels in particular, Talk TV and UK TV clearly believed this was worthy of being the big news event of the day, both bringing in no end of political commentators to dissect every word. So, what started out as a discussion between to completely unknown people on the street eventually ended up as the UK being a police state with antisemitic policies.

Maybe I’m seeing it all wrong but to me the policeman was absolutely right in preventing the man from walking into a potentially dangerous situation. Had the man in question been reasonable, he’d have accepted what was being asked, but instead he insisted that he knew his rights, and nothing could be said to change that. I’d have thought that refusing to comply with a police request or being deliberately obstructive would be grounds enough for some hands-on stuff, and if it isn’t, then it bloody well should be. The police do a difficult enough job as it is just dealing with the criminal fraternity, who also know their rights, but they can’t all be experts especially when it comes to race, religion and political issues.


Bill 😊

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as he insisted it was his right they should have let him through but with the warning that it was at his own risk and that if he did get attacked the police would not intervene to help him and maybe even arrest him for inciting a riot. he says he has the right but that right also includes the right to accept the consequences of his actions.

wonder what the media would have had to say about that scenario.

probably something along the lines of "well the police were at fault for not preventing the guy from going where he did, they should have stopped him", no doubt.

i have not seen the reports of this incident but assume that the Palestinians were exercising their right to protest.

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My concern is the frequency of these so called marches, which clearly cause disruption to normal buisiness.   Where do all these marchers work ?  Or are they all on benefits ?  Perhaps some restriction on the number and frequency of all marches is required, and I would think that any vocal support for prescribed terrorist organisations like Hammas, should be tackled by the Police ?   😠

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Yep their marches disrupt and can cause a lot of problems but it’s not like they actually achieve anything. Doesn’t matter how many protest, Mr Netanyahu won’t be the least bit bothered. He doesn’t listen to the world’s leaders so why would he take any notice of a load of numpty flag wavers. The government can’t intervein to stop them otherwise they’ll be accused of being undemocratic and probably siding with Israel.

I think there are some restrictions as to what they can and can’t do and in theory people could end up being arrested. Trouble is that the police are usually vastly outnumbered in these situations and have to consider any potential crowd reaction that might occur as a result of trying to enforce something that’s a relatively minor infringement. It’s just not worth it.

Marches aside, what wound me up was self-righteous attitude of this bloke. He could well have been a lawyer who knew his rights better than the police, but a knowledge of the law doesn’t give anyone the right to be obstructive. From what I heard; the officer was being polite and making a fair and reasonable case for why he shouldn’t proceed. At one point though, he did say something that people say wasn’t quite kosher. We’ve all chosen the wrong words at some point in our lives and it’s especially easy to do in a stressful situation so those calling for action to be taken against the officer should bear this in mind.


Bill 😊

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i have read an article and to be fair to the police they did offer to escort him via a different route but he was having none of it and managing to blow the incident out of all proportion.

total *trouble maker* out to cause an incident which he succeeded in doing and putting the police in a bad light.

*what my actual words would be are not suitable for this or any other forum along the line of the rear end lower front end of a male or a common garden bird*

the policeman concerned was quite right to point out that he looked like an obvious Jew. he was wearing the skull cap at the time and was obviously out to cause trouble as he wanted to walk, dressed as he was, into a street full of protesters that were protesting about the Jewish bombing of Palestine.

had he been ignored by the police and been assaulted by the Palestinian protesters then he would be a hero and proven that the Jewish point of view was correct about the Palestinians. because he was stopped by the police he has 'shown' the police in an anti-Semitic light and that they are siding with the Palestinians.

police were on a loser either way.

peaceful protest are allowed in this country, provided they are peaceful and the majority are until you get some Herbert bent on causing trouble either joining in or haranguing from the side-lines and egging others on to cause mayhem.

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