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Wildflowers Areas, Warrington


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I don’t think they’ve put them along the roads in recent years Sid, leastways not round here they haven’t which is a great shame because they really brightened up the area. There was a whole field full of them on Paddington meadows this year that were beautiful but unfortunately, they’d have gone completely unseen by the vast majority of people.

I don’t understand the logic behind this, maybe it is a cost thing?


Bill 😊

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They used to leave the verges around birchwood to grow wild, just trimming back any that encroached into the roadways or obscured the view approaching the islands.

Mind you hat was a few years back when i was working as an escort. (These days a trip to tesco or aldi is classed as a day out)

at one time they only mowed the grass at our end of sankey valley when the pygmies started complaining about lack of sunlight. Think they do it about once a month now.


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