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Partygate ?

Observer II

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It's looking like they were all at it - claims and evidence are now appearing that suggest Starmer's after work drink, was indeed a Party; which is probably why Labour will finally go quiet on the issue.  If Starmer thinks that this and other pathetic claims, like the Angela Raynor flash or the continued claims of sexism, misogeny and racism, constitute serious political opposition in the absence of constructive alternative policies on the fundemental issues affecting ordinary folk, then he's clearly not worth a light.  While all three Parties appear to allow continued immigration into the UK, which the Plebs have to live with, but don't have a say in;  the Plebs are left searching for a Party that will reflect their interests.   😠

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you mean there are more important issues than our politicians having a party......:rolleyes:

Anyway it is not the politicians who run the country, it is the bods behind them in the ministries that come up with the ideas, the politicians are just there to give the press something to write about.....🕵️‍♀️

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Such is the standard of MPs, that we've got them in a lather over partygate, Angela's crotch, viewing porn and umpteen allegations of sexism, misogeny and bullying. Meanwhile we've got a food and energy crisis and no one with a clear idea what to do about it. Seems our political system is bankrupt of talent or ideas.    :rolleyes:

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