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Parking Wars ?

Observer II

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Just clocked 4 electric supply posts for EVs,  just outside the Cemetery in Manchester Rd.  Now I don't know what the charging rate/time to top up EV batteries is, but would imagine overnight or during a working day.  So here's the rub: in order to reserve these spaces for EVs; spaces would need to exclude pet/diesel cars; turning old car drivers into road lepers.  😠

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I went past there the other day and didn't see anything so I'm wondering where these are?

The overnight thing is normally when using a home charger that just gets power from a mains socket. With dedicated chargers, there's a lot more power available and some of the more modern cars can top up to 80% charge in about half an hour. 


Bill :)


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I went past there yesterday, and I couldn’t see any parking restrictions marked out and yet there were no cars parked anywhere along that stretch. Could be I just didn’t see the markings or maybe people thing they’re parking meters. 😊


Bill 😊

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