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The joys of diversity !

Observer II

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So where did you hear that one from Obs? It sounds just like the sort of thing you get on social media where paranoid woman makes it their mission to warn the world about their interpretation of events.

The gang could well have been just a couple of guys with a really poor sense of humour, and because it involved her child, she didn’t see it as funny at all. At least that’s one way of looking at it in the absence of any facts.

In the last few weeks, two local Facebook posts stood out as a good indication of this sort of thing.

Earlier today, two Asian looking blokes in a white van drove down our road turned round and drove off. I’ve contacted the police, so everyone needs to be on the lookout.

This afternoon while walking my dog, an Asian guy in a van stopped and asked me what the breed of my dog was. I picked my dog up and ran.  People like this need locking up.

Each of these postings resulted in a tirade of racially abusive comments from the great unwashed so let’s not create the same situation here, we’re better than that.


Bill 😊

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Ethnic behaviour can be observed every day of the week in our street.

The asian guy two doors up and his wife who work long shifts at the hospital.

The Romanian girl next door who i rarely see as she goes to work early in the morning and normally gets home about eight at night.

The polish lad over the road who sits at his window eating his breakfast and always waves to mrs sid if he sees her and quite often will ask if she wants any shopping and even once washed my car whilst he was out washing his own.

Not one of those few examples has ever caused any problems whilst they have lived here.

The feral english kids  are the ones that damage the cars, verbally abuse anybody who speaks out against them and generally are a nuisance.


As for the alleged immigrant behavior.

I see about six of those some guys in a van/car or on foot followed me/my daughter/ my mother acting suspiciously, wanting to buy my dog/ daughter/grandmother,posts on facebook every week.

I always read then through and then comment," did you take a picture, did you note the car/van number plate, did you report it to the  store security so they can check cctv, did you call the police"

in this day and age of mobile phones it is amazing the number of these incidents that get thrown on social media without and pictorial or video evidence to support them.

Scaremongering at best racial hatred at worst.

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Despite all the propaganda to the contrary, as in our TV ads, where nearly all housholds are nor multi ethnic,  the fact is very few ethnic groups marry or even associate outside their own racial/religious group;  thus there is little assimilation or adoption of the indigenous culture.  57% of all births in London and some other S/E towns are now non-white.   Criminal activity and convictions are disproportionaly ethnically represented in our prison system.   I watched a Youtube vid from "history debunked",  on the the latest cross channel invasion and I'm afraid it's now too late to salvage the situation,  the politicians and our intellectual elites have allowed it to happen without the consent of the great unwashed.  The current housing of the channel jumpers in four star hotels, dispersed throughout the UK, is being kept secret from the masses - I wonder why ?   😠

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Again on "history debunked" on Youtube;  the current woke nonsense of affirmative action needs to be questioned.   Employers are so eager to tick boxes in relation to employing a quota of ethnic minority applicants, that merit has been cast aside.   An obvious answer to racial bias would be a blind application process, where names, origins and photos are absent, prior to shortlisting.  Seems some attempts were made at this early on, but it was found that few minorities were successful,  which suggests they weren't up to standard.   So any attempt to positively descriminate is merely racism in reverse and an attempt to dumb down employment.  An example of this new bias, is shown by the black woman who lied about her qualifications for an NHS post,  but was eventually found out, and given a prison sentence.   We clearly have the woke nonsense of a 15% tail wagging the 85% dog.    😠

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