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I am so glad that Gary predicted a Chelsea double. After his 'Liverpool could win everything' quote from earlier in the season I had no fears about losing, :D:D:D


Looks like Poo win the flops dartboard for another year.


No doubles :cry:

No trebles :cry:

Just a load of bull :lol:

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Did I miss something today - too busy watching paint dry!

Liverpool's keeper had the record for the most clean sheets and Torres on target again.

We just need to get the monkey off the back with United and will soon again be the dominant force! :twisted:

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I suppose the boring part is down to the fact that more often than not its United that win the Premiership with a toss up for second place between Arsenal and Chelsea.


However, as in the FA Cup a new face doesn't neccessarily mean renewed interest. The media involvement in this years final is zilch, likewise the interest from the neutral football fan.

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76 points between United and Derby

58 goal difference

47 goals scored at home

21 clean sheets

10 Premierships in 16 years

75,600 Average attendance


Congratulations to the Champions :D:lol::D:lol:


Congratulations to FC United for promotion 3 years on the trot :D

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This is a quote from a Liverpool FC website,


Liverpool Football Club currently restricts its season ticket holders to around 29,000. The season ticket waiting list is claimed to be 10-14,000. It is suspected that the real waiting list figure is closer to half that due to multiple applications, "officially unsanctioned" ticket inheritance arrangements, long-term drop-outs etc. Indeed, Rick Parry himself has recently hinted at it being nearer half the originally perpetrated figure. Discounting away supporters the rest of the regular 44,000 attendance is composed of around 12,000 specific match day ticket applications.

[incidentally, it should be stated here that the reason for the club restricting the number of season ticket holders and maximising the match-day applications is to balance the make-up of the clientele attending Anfield thereby satisfying the lucrative day-tripper following which in turn helps to sustain club shop turnover.]

Back to the argument, the crucial point as far as the optimum capacity issue is concerned, is that the 12,000 match day applications effectively account for the whole of the season ticket waiting list demand.

YES, you heard right.

In other words for a run-of-the-mill league fixture there is NO FURTHER DEMAND OF ANY REAL SIGNIFICANCE to be tapped into. Thus, the forty odd thousand that is currently Liverpool's average attendance happens also to be - moreorless - Liverpool's maximum regular attendance OTHER THAN FOR the most attractive fixtures.

This submission is borne out both HISTORICALLY and by reference to THIS SEASON'S ATTENDANCES at the aforesaid run-of-the-mill league games and also cup games where the possession of a season ticket is not required.

The highest average attendance in our club's entire history is around 48,000. That came at a time when our club was eminently successful and capacity was nudging 56,750.


It is believed that if a bigger ground is built the number of season ticket holders will actually drop because of the increased 'on the day' capacity.

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