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Tory Sleaze ?

Observer II

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Just a wasted opportunity. 

It is of note that you highlight Tory sleaze. One of Patterson's two claims is that he was trying to highlight that Irish Ham on sale in the UK did not meet safety standards but that the civil servants were only interested in investigating the UK product that claimed to meet the standard! He said that he was repeatedly trying to remove the health hazard. The Parliamentary commissioner ignored all that and found him guilty of having meetings (to raise it and where he declared his association).

The reason it is of note is that this is on the same day Claudia Webbe, the Labour MP for Leicester East (Keith Vaz's former constituency) was sentenced to 10 weeks in Prison suspended for 2 years. I know you get news from Yahoo so it is significant to me that the resignation of a Tory for attempted whistle blowing is more of a story than the sentencing of a Labour MP for criminal behaviour according to Yahoo and the BBC News site. Just saying! 

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9 minutes ago, Observer II said:

I wasn't being partisan, the grubby antics of woke labour are equally worthy of disrespect imo.  However, the sleaze wasn't in the alleged antics of Peterson imo;  but in the attempt to save his bacon by Boris, by whipping MPs to scrap an agreed process in order to save him.  :rolleyes:

My complaint wasn't about you, rather the lack of impartiality in the MSM. I don't expect impartiality from you or anyone here but the BBC claim they are impartial.

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There were a couple of stories about Claudia Webbe on Yahoo,  saying she's been kicked out of the Labour Party and is now under pressure to resign her seat.   btw I've frankly no time for Yahoo actually, it's just on my computer,  I think it's quite woke and they stopped the facility to comment on their news stories and opinion; seems most comments didn't agree with their editors opinions.  :unsure:

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Politicians being politicians nowt new there then.

never bother with msn or yahoo news. do have email accounts with both as well as virgin and possibly a gmail account not sure about that last one.

the msn one was set up primarily for work but now gets used as a logon repository for when sites ask for an email and i don't want to give them my "home" one.

the yahoo one was set up at a similar time as a spare account an is rarely used.

about the only news i read and take note of is this website.

TV news  is getting like  the adverts on the tv.

appeals for money for (insert country name" to help (generic ethnic group) because of (insert natural/man made disaster here)

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