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I heard a strong rumour last night that PC will resign today, win or lose.



Has anyone else heard that?


Sheila I didn't think you would be a rumour monger! :oops:



I've ignored the rumours for years but the source of the information is normally very well informed.


I'm not taking pleasure in the rumour. I'm bemused to be honest. I could have understood it a few weeks ago but not while we are are showing improvement again.


We started off the season playing entertaining rugby and after a dip we have got back to that. What a thriller yestereday was!

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I assume this thread is tongue in cheek :wink:




Cullen's position was definitely "enhanced" by todays performance,don't detract from the lads performance today it was a really gutsy show and a glimpse (hopefully) of the future?


I couldn't agree more.



It wasn't tongue in cheek. It's what I've really heard.


I posted in the hope that people would say it was untrue.

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I bet Paul Cullen's relieved....... :)

But there again he doesn't read the forums :wink:


The OSS manual also gave a little detail into how rumors should be spread:

? Design different rumors that reveal the same ?information.?

? Plant such rumors in different suitable places.

? Design them so as to appear as of independent origin.



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a fortnight clearly a long time in sport and Sheila had a crystal ball! :roll:


Maybe she could tell us who the new coach will be ..........


Sorry, can't help you on that one but I was told that that there was already someone in the frame.

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