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Afghanistan ?

Observer II

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Seems the Taliban look like winning the war - no surprise to some of us.   So, having chased Bin Laden into the mountains of Afghanistan following the 9/11 terror attack, then getting stuck in a 30 year war, with primitive tribesmen, the World Super-Power (as in Viet Nam) has, having lost numerous lives, decided to call it a day, along with their NATO Allies.  So all the money, all those lives thrown away in an attempt to modernise a feudal theocracy in our image; wasted.   So what of the consequences ?   Having given a portion of the Afghan population the hope of "a better life" ,   women and young folk will no doubt be looking to escape the oppression of fundemental Islam;   and seek "a better life" - I wonder where ?     :rolleyes:  

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3 hours ago, Latchford Locks said:

First choice for most , unfortunately

And despite being forewarned what are we doing about it.??... 

Migrants Face Trial after Resisting Return to Libya as Children | Human  Rights Watch

Actually no as it happens. First 10 choices are the USA (21%), Germany (6%), Canada, UK and France (5%), Australia (4%), Saudi Arabia and Spain (3%) with Italy and Switzerland bringing up the rear (2%). Strangely African, South American and Asian countries aren't seen as popular destinations for refugees, they really need to work on their PR.

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