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Such a good idea


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I saw a thing on telly this morning that I thought was a brilliant idea where a town somewhere down south where there was a big shortage of cash machines and all the banks had closed their branches decided to come together in one place. A sort of small scale community bank in the town centre where five or six of the top banks each had their own small section. It filled up an otherwise empty shop front that we have so many of and  it makes so much sense that I’m amazed that nobodies come up with the idea before now.

A bit of reversed thinking, what's best for the people instead of just what's best for the bank. I suppose it's like the post office sharing premises with stores and I was wondering if we're going to see a lot more of this sort of thing as more people move to doing everything online. 


Bill 😊

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I have an account of sorts with a certain bank and their nearest branch is in Liverpool now as the Warrington one closed down. seems like a very good idea though for rural areas.

do they still have the mobile banks driving around that were advertised a few years back?

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Thinking about this a bit more, if all the shops in places like Golden Square are complaining about rents and rates making it difficult to survive then it might be an idea for them to all downsize a bit share one common location. 

Then we could invent a name for such a place, maybe something like market? 😊


Bill 😊

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So you increase taxes on online sellers - they put up their prices to cover the extra cost.

Reduce business rates - the high street shops reduce their prices? Do they hell! They pocket the increased profits. End result the consumer pays extra because Obs can't or won't shop online. Thanks for nothing Obs.

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Speaking of good ideas I’ve just been across to Asda at Birchwood and couldn’t help noticing a new store directly opposite called Oops. It’s mainly all frozen food a bit like Iceland but the prices are ridiculous.

It’s a new name and a new idea for a food store and Google could probably tell you more but I’m certainly going to give it a try when there’s a bit more room in the freezer. Something to do with excess or wonky production or so they say but everything is so cheap. I don’t know what the qualities of what they sell is like, but everything certainly looked ok  I assumed it’d be some foreign based company like Lidl or Aldi but they’re Liverpool based and supply mainly to the north west.

Not very often I get excited about the price of a frozen burger but this almost has to be seen to be believed.

Here's what a £30 shop at the store could get you:

·         Boneless Crispy Duck with Pancakes and Hoisin Sauce 500g £3

·         Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings 1kg £1.75

·         1.5kg Crispy Chicken Fillets £ 2.50

·         70 Large Battered Chicken Nuggets 1.5kg £2.50

·         25 Meatballs 908g £1.75

·         16 Cumberland Sausages 908g £2

·         4 Quarter Pounders £0.89

·         5 Unsmoked Bacon Rashers 69p

·         5 Smoked Bacon Rashers 69p

·         15 Mozzarella Sticks with Sweet Chilli Sauce £1.75

·         2kg French Fries Chips £1.50

·         180g Grated Mature Cheddar Cheese £1

·         2kg Superior White Potatoes 59p

·         2lb Country Mix (broccoli, carrot, cauliflower) £1

·         500g Red Grapes £1

·         7 Pink Lady Apples £1

·         15 Fresh Eggs £1

·         Pepsi Max 1.5l £1

·         Vimto £1

·         15 Milk Chocolate Jumbo Mallows £1

·         Lyons 7pk Mint Viscount 50p

·         2L Semi Skimmed Milk 89p

·         Roberts Medium Soft White Loaf 89p

It's almost like shopping at a food bank with prices and quantities like this.


Bill 😊

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