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EU vaccine dispute -

Observer II

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Seems the EU has kicked off against Astra-Zenika, over non-compliance with it's contract for vaccine supply.  A-Z have a production facility in Oxford, Belgium, Sweden and the US.   The UK GOV was quick off the mark and ordered it's supplies 3 months before the EU.  It now seems A-Z can't produce sufficient doses for the EU from it's Belgian site, so the EU is now looking at poaching from Oxford, thus threatening our supply.   This is the same EU that has brought in all sorts of red tape to delay any products from the UK entering the EU.   So hopefully, Boris will give them a two fingered salute.     😠     😷

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And the Germans aren’t that stupid either, they probably knew the EU would be too slow to react, so they ordered some just for themselves in advance.  

Good news though about the fourth vaccine being released and that it’s being made in the UK. When this gets approved it’ll be full steam ahead with the vaccinations.


Bill 😊


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The contract requires the 300m initial does to be made in the EU. The key bit of the date by which they have to be supplied is redacted. The use of other contractors in Europe can be considered but will take longer. In writing a contract to suit the EU they have been caught out and the population of the 27 need to take note. I suspect, as do others, that the EU can go whistle. 

EU Bosses Order A Raid On Astrazeneca Vaccine Factory In Brussels (euroweeklynews.com)

Shame we can't send a gunboat to Brussels eh Obs?


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