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Been trawling through Netflix, trying to find a normal, believable film -   had a brief glimpse at the new period drama, that's claiming to be popular and found it was another absurd woke fest of PC diversity; with a black princess Charlotte, black courtiers etc - a total historical distortion.   I put this down to black envy, that nothing that has contributed to the advancement of world civilisation has originated in sub-Saharan Africa, so they have to revise reality.    😠

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Get that a lot on taking pictures channel.

This film contains etc etc. and may offend some viewers.

If they could be offended then why watch it and then complain about being offended by the content.

Nobody forced them to watch it.

I am currently reading the G K Chesterton Father Brown stories. Plenty of what we now call offensive references in those. But to put in context, that was how people observed the world when they were written, same with old movies. At the time they were made they reflected the world as it was then and not how it should have been according to some pc nonsense because some easily offended person might object to some outdated reference.

If you really tried you could find offence in just about every programme or book ever written, even windows for dummies.

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