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Businesses that are closed but could be open


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I look back on the jobs I have had and wonder if I could social keep my distance while still doing them. THere were a couple of offices I worked in that would have been difficult but mostly with some changes I think that could be achieved. Many businesses are still open and they seem to manage without spreading the virus, supermarkets, petrol stations and so on.

I need my car serviced, brakes adjusted and so I rang the small garage I have used for many years to book it in. I did not get a letter or e mail saying they would be closed but the phone just rang and rang, no answer machine to say it is closed, same the next day. So I booked it in else where. Nissan rang our neighbour to tell them they would be collecting their car for service 

 Mcdonalds, KFC and other national chains, OK  understand why the restaurant is not open but why can they can not be open for drive through and deliveries I do not know. They are in other countries!

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went into town about a week ago and heard what i thought was a lawnmower on helium. turned out to be some guy on a motorised pedal cycle.

pity there were no police about as he would have been fined for no road tax,no insurance, no mot, no number plate oh and no lights.

he had what looked like a normal pedal cycle with a possibly fifty cc motor attached. one of those used in model aircraft size. all very well but even a small motor like that makes it a motor cycle and so subject to all the road rules associated with it. (oh forgot he would probably get done for not wearing a helmet as well)

Happy that the bike trade is going full swing, for now. wonder how many will be used once and then consigned to the shed until next year.

saw an episode of the repair shop where they did an old bike up. Had the old style light system with the generator that attached to the back wheel. Always hated those things. Adjusting them to get the thing to work was a nightmare. They were either just short of making a proper contact with the wheel so the lights were hit and miss, especially if the wheel was a bit buckled. or they mad so tight a contact that it was like riding with the brakes permanently on, but a least the lights worked sort of.

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