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Warrington law Courts


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Recently retired and with the winter days approaching I'm looking for alternatives to Wetherspoons, sleeping in the library and Homes under the hammer.

I've always enjoyed court cases and was wondering if there are public galleries at the courts on Legh St. If so, do you simply just turn up and take a seat? Is there something every day Monday to Friday?

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No idea, nothing on their website to say one way or the other.

You could always ask Gary to provide you with a press pass and do a regular report on the cases heard.🕵️‍♀️

Failing that you could always apply to part of the audience on Judge Rinder.🤭

I always used to enjoy Crown Court on TV when i was a lot younger. I could never get my head around the jury verdict though in some of the cases.

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The MOJ confirmed that the Crown Court was still operating. However the Justices seen to prefer to hold cases in Liverpool or Chester to avoid using the facilities here. It transpires on checking that there are permanent Judges lodgings in Liverpool and Chester but not in Warrington, so the judiciary may not feel that the Travelodge is keeping them in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

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