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Ethnic pay gap ?

Observer II

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Thought we now had equal pay legislation, where pay rates for the same jobs, were equal for all regardless of ethnicity or gender ?   So why has it been all over the news that there's such a thing as an ethnic pay gap ?   We clearly do have a "pay gap" between the highest and lowest in society regardless of ethnicity, which is what they should be concentrating on, rather than trying to racialise everything.

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Because of legislation any alleged "pay gap" has to be down to people choosing not to work in higher earning occupations or not seeking promotion. Any employer who pays any employee less than another employee doing the same job better have a good reason for doing so because if they get caught out it will cost them more than whatever they may have saved. So if there is such a thing as an "ethnic pay gap" then we can expect a rash of court cases by the usual suspects after an enhanced payday.

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I wonder if these statistics take into account the car washes & the people being exploited in the less than statutory minimum wage economy ?

How have the powers that be reached these figures ? Have they taken into account  people who earn big money for a few hours work ,such as Chinese business men , & contrasted it with zero hours workers ?

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