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Observer II

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Seems Mr Choudry has been released on license from prison, with a list of do's and don'ts. BUT, as the Police still see him as a security risk, he'll be placed under surveillance, which will presumambly involve a team of officers, working shifts.  The cost is estimated to be within the £millions.  Wouldn't it have been cheaper to keep in prison, or even cheaper to deport him to the ISIS Caliphate ?

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Well again, there are simple, if draconian answers for that Dave; but unfortunately they can't be applied in the West, due to the HR Brigade.  When that "caravan" arrives on the US border, from Guatamala,  (conveniently timed for the mid-term elections btw);  we can expect the snowflakes out in force, clamouring to allow these "illegal" immigrants into the USA. 

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The question has to be asked, who is funding this "caravan"? In common with other mass exoduses it consists of mainly young males of under 35 with females and children pushed ahead (for some obscure reason that no-one has yet figured out),  and to walk the distance they have they would need to have covered 20 miles a day. Who is paying for their food? Nicuragua? Guatamala? Mexico? George Soros? Probably the latter.

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