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Green energy


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Glad I'm not Dutch if that's the sort of rubbish TV they have to watch. At least I know where the expression double Dutch comes from.

I reckon that people who choose to go "green" know that there is only one electricity grid but feel that by paying more money they are actually doing something for the environment.

I could be wrong but I think that the bulk of the energy investment comes from corporate sources where profits take precedence over any green credentials. If it wasn't for lucrative government funded incentive schemes I doubt there'd be half as many green energy sources. Not exactly a con but more of a cleaver marketing exercise.

I saw this mega example of green power recently in Nevada. It's call the Ivanpah Solar power plant and it's reckoned to be the largest in the world. It has three of these huge towers that collect and store heat energy in liquid sodium allowing the plant to continue during the night. Very green but the concentrated light was so bright you couldn't look directly at them and it had a bad reputation for frying any birds that flew into the beams.


Bill :)

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I remember my mum telling me a few years ago that she had been convinced to switch to Scottish and Southern Electricity because the salesman told her that the electricity would be coming from her local power station Fiddler's Ferry. Well to be fair it could have been - on one of the days Fiddler's Ferry is actually operating.

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