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Presumed consent ?


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Funny you mention that Asp, just read a quote from a blogger, saying that in law, a corpse is the property of the state !    In any event, if Doctors can use any body on the basis of presumed consent, it would seem more organs will become available. My beef would be with those who opt out of consent, if they still expect to be a recipient if they should ever need a transplant, when imo they should be told "sorry, you've opted out".     :ph34r:

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I guess at the end of the day if we don't want our bits and pieces removed and donated when we are dead then we should all make sure we make that clear and make sure our nearest and dearest are aware of out wishes too before our time comes. 

Thinking about it I don't think I'd really care care what happens to my bits when I'm gone as after all I;d be dead anyway so wouldn;t miss them... but then on the other side of the fence if it was a member of my families 'bits' and they hadn't giver permission themselves then I'd probably say a big NO as I'd want to think of them as still being whole and the way they were:(  I know it sounds strange...but I am strange.

Pretty sad topic this as while we typing away discussing and pondering so many other  people are having to make that very decision regarding donating their loved ones organs just as many others are probably sitting there hoping someone will donate :(  

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blimey £4,000 is a shocker especially as you say that is one of the cheaper options. 

Why on earth does it cost so much to bury/cremate a person :(  The body is just body in a box in a hole in the ground or burnt....sorry I know that sounds awful to describe that way but that is what happens.  

Re your comment about people being fly tipped :lol:.... I guess the body could be traced back to family though who would then have to foot the bill.  I'd quite like to be fly tipped though from a straw laden cart pulled by either shire horses or those black and white gypsy type horses.  I'd be happy with that :D ...but not just yet please :shock::lol:

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If students are expected to pay back student loans after attending university on the assumption that they are going to be better off in the long term, why not do the same with organ recipients? If your only options were to die or take this dead blokes lungs but you have to pay a bit extra tax for the extra 20 years of life it's going to give you, who wouldn't? :)


Bit of extra funding for the NHS right there... 

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Sounds like a private insurance approach Baz;  many just wouldn't be able to afford it.   The solution is fairly simple: presumed consent allowing medics to use any bits that are usefull.  The only stipulation should be; that those not wishing to give (by opting out);  should be prevented from receiving (info kept on medical data base).     :ph34r:   

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