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Clowning around ?


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Seems we have a craze at the moment of folk dressed as clowns trying to scare kids.  Now on the face of it, you wouldn't think it too difficult for Police in patrol cars to spot someone dressed as a clown from a mile away. But if they started arresting all the clowns, just because of their costume, would they be guilty of profiling ?   :lol:

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This clown prank craze is pathetic and the more it is mentioned in the press etc the more idiots will do it.

The Warrington Guardian have even been asking people for pictures or sightings of any they spot around the town.  Totally irresponsibly by them as it's only fueling the situation.

It needs stopping before someone gets hurt or worse.  Anyone dressing as a clown and intentionally scaring people needs arresting and locking up, do they not realise the fear they may be causing some people.

Would it be an offence if a terrified person hit them though fear and caused them injury ? 

How would they [the pathetic clown] feel if an elderly person (or any other person) had a heart attack due to the fright of being stalked or chased by one of them on the streets in the dark?

How would they feel if a terrified kid, or other person, ran into a road through fear to get away from them and was hit by a car and injured or killed?

Yeah super funny prank eh IDIOTS !!!

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Can't disagree there dizz. know a few people around the area that would not hesitate to see who was under the clown suit even if it did mean removing it with the vigorous application of size ten steel toe capped shoes.


seems social media and to a greater extent news media have a lot to answer for in spreading this sort of idiocy about. Article in the "rival" paper about them citing police sources that certain schools in the warrington area are to be targeted and when. an ideal opportunity for a vigilante mob to form to catch the would be moron.


Mind you if one or two of these clowns do get severely injured by a vigilante mob it may just deter the rest.


Perhaps we could have a clown season like they do for grouse.

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I'd never heard of this until last Friday when a group of kids outside the roller ring warned us that two of these clowns had just gone past and that we needed to take care.

At the time we made light of it with jokes about noses and feet but clearly the kids were really frightened by the sighting.

Ah well these are the times we are living these days and these people really are just clowns.



Bill :)

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