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Clare street


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Hi mikehesk, Clare Street was not far from Winwick Street and Central Station.  Here are a couple of old map I've marked up for you which show where it was.  It's not actually named on one of them but as that's a clearer street map I've marked it accordingly.

If you click on the images whey will enlarge.



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1907 map and 1905 (published 1911) mikehest.  I put the dates on them for you :wink:

It's show on other years from before and after too but I only uploaded those two. 

If you are ever struggling to find a street if say you have found a person/address on a census return look at the enumerators cover page for that census set as it lists the streets in the order they had to walk so you can often work out pretty much where a road/street was from that especially if it's one that has now gone.  Other roads nearby will still be in existence in most cases...then you know where to look on old maps :wink:

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Ahh yes and well spotted Baz.  I just looked on google street view and you are right. 

I've often wondered what the Boulting's building used to be as it's quite ornate....and now I know :D

I wonder when it dates from, what the church was called and what religion etc.  Bugger I'll have to try and find out now or it will bug me  :lol: 

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The late David Forest published a booklet on Warrington Places of Worship, available from the Liverpool & SW Lancs Family History Society see https://www.liverpool-genealogy.org.uk/acatalog/Liverpool___SW_L_FHS_Warrington_51.html

The Church in question is :-

St JOHN (LADY HUNTINGDON'S CONNEXION) situated in Winwick Street, on the comer of John Street.


HISTORY. The congregation dates from 1806 when Episcopalians from St James', Latchford, Presbyterians from Cairo Street and members of the Stepney Chapel formed a new church. The chapel was opened in 1808. The congregation moved to Back Dallam Lane in 1833, returning to their original chapel in 1854. Part of this congregation moved to the Salem Chapel in 1853. This church became Presbyterian in 1854.

It was reopened in July 1889 after alterations and refurbishment. The congregation eventually moved to Wilderspool Causeway in 1910. The Winwick Street building is now used for commercial purposes.

SCHOOL. Sunday School only.

PRINTED HISTORY. G. A. Carter. "Warrington and the Mid-Mersey Valley". (1971)


REGISTERS. The Liverpool and SW Lancashire Family History Society has published a transcript of the Baptisms from 1806 - 1837.

At Warrington Central Library: Microfilm of Baptisms 1806 - 1837. Ref. MF 41


Hope this helps,


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