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  1. Although this is strictly not Warrington, a couple of items of interest. In the "Old River" at Statham, a section of the River Mersey left when the Ship Canal was cut through are three sunken concrete barges, which my late father maintained were placed there during WW2 with a view, should there be a threatened German invasion up the canal these barges would be towed into the centre of the waterway and sunk, effectively rendering the canal impassable. Below the high level bridge at Warburton (erroneously referred to as the Toll Bridge) are a couple of concrete "pads" remnants of the foundations of a Pill Box and gun emplacement. During the War the bridge was continuously defended by the Home Guard !! An amusing tale was told to me by one of them. the watch was very boring and uneventful, so they stuck a sign on one of the bridge stanchions :- "if Jerry comes, we're in the Sarrys" (the Saracens Head at Warburton)
  2. 11-00am to 4-00pm see https://www.warrington.gov.uk/waltongardens
  3. two years ago, at Walton Hall Heritage Day,( coincidentally this year's event is on this Sunday), i met Richard Ward from Winwick. He is THE expert on the battle of Winwick Pass and we corresponded extensively about this. For an extremely comprehensive account of the Civil Wars in this area see http://ourlocalvoice.co.uk/?page_id=171it includes details of a skirmish at Warrington Bridge, although not in 1651, Joe
  4. Joe

    Clare street

    The late David Forest published a booklet on Warrington Places of Worship, available from the Liverpool & SW Lancs Family History Society see https://www.liverpool-genealogy.org.uk/acatalog/Liverpool___SW_L_FHS_Warrington_51.html The Church in question is :- St JOHN (LADY HUNTINGDON'S CONNEXION) situated in Winwick Street, on the comer of John Street. INDEPENDENT. Later PRESBYTERIAN. HISTORY. The congregation dates from 1806 when Episcopalians from St James', Latchford, Presbyterians from Cairo Street and members of the Stepney Chapel formed a new church. The chapel was opened in 1808. The congregation moved to Back Dallam Lane in 1833, returning to their original chapel in 1854. Part of this congregation moved to the Salem Chapel in 1853. This church became Presbyterian in 1854. It was reopened in July 1889 after alterations and refurbishment. The congregation eventually moved to Wilderspool Causeway in 1910. The Winwick Street building is now used for commercial purposes. SCHOOL. Sunday School only. PRINTED HISTORY. G. A. Carter. "Warrington and the Mid-Mersey Valley". (1971) GRAVEYARD. None. REGISTERS. The Liverpool and SW Lancashire Family History Society has published a transcript of the Baptisms from 1806 - 1837. At Warrington Central Library: Microfilm of Baptisms 1806 - 1837. Ref. MF 41 Hope this helps, Joe
  5. I can remember, in the 60's, a chip vending machine, it was situated at the rear of the old Poplars Transport Cafe in Lymm They didn't taste too good apparently they were made from extruded powdered mashed spud and then deep fried !!!!
  6. We also had a black and white TV when we were first married and that suffered the same problem, frame hold or lack of it. I purchased a copy of Practical TV magazine and after a long investigation proved the fault to be in a small coil, somewhat akin to a cotton bobbin. My new bride and i unwound the wire (about as thick as a human hair) taking several hours until i found the break. After soldering the two ends and then very carefully re-winding the coil and replacing it.....success!! A few days later, while working for B.T. I went to repair the phone at a TV repair shop and smugly mentioned my cleverness whereupon the proprietor went to a box on the shelf which contained dozens of the coils, 50p each he said!!!!
  7. They have been on the A56, Calmsley Lane, near the Bridgewater Canal in Lymm all morning, managed to get through twice without being stopped
  8. Completed my second walk tonight, must confess got carried away a little !! gone 10pm when we all returned for a welcome cuppa and biscuits. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, judging by the comments.Most importantly the two walks raised £250 + for Cancer Research, thanks one and all
  9. Hi Gary, anyone can come along as long as they pay the money its all going to a good cause. I can arrange it with anyone who doesn't do t'internet, give me a ring on 754651 right up to half an hour before the start times
  10. As usual, during the Lymm Festival, I'm leading two Local History Walks around Lymm. Find out what the Butler did !!! see the Ice House, did Jack the Ripper visit Lymm and much more. Sunday 19th at 1-30pm and Wednesday 22nd June at 6-30pm. each walk lasts approx two and a half hours and is not strenuous Cost is £4 which includes refreshments, All proceeds go to Cancer Research For more info and ticket details go to http://www.lymmfestival.org.uk/event/guided-history-walk/ or http://www.lymmfestival.org.uk/event/guided-local-history-walk/ or e-mail lymmhistory@lineone.net
  11. Lymm Youth and Community Association Bridgewater Street Lymm Cheshire WA13 0AB Tel: 07946-676735 Email: info@lymmyca.org.uk Web: www.lymmyca.org.uk Charity Registration: 1161588 Company Registration: 06525466 Please reply to: Steve Griffiths 18, Manor Road, Lymm, Cheshire, WA13 0AY Tel: 01925-752763 Mobile: 07837 459156 As you may have seen in the media, Lymm Youth and Community Centre has recently received a major grant award from WREN which has enabled extensive renovations at the Centre. In addition a Community Asset Transfer has been completed granting ownership of the Centre to the community on a 30 year lease at an annual rent of one peppercorn. We are very pleased with, and proud of, the outcomes of these developments and to celebrate we have arranged an Open Day with a short opening ceremony on Saturday 7th November 2015. The Committee of Lymm Youth and Community Centre would like to invite you to come and see our “new” Centre. The general format of the day will be that the Centre will be open to anyone from the public from 10 am to 4pm to just wander in and have a look around. During this period cups of tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided free of charge to all visitors and information, displays and demonstrations of activities will be available. We hope to provide an opportunity for other local Community Organisations to provide information too. At 12.30pm there will be a short Opening Ceremony followed by an equally short AGM – a light buffet will be provided for those attending the Opening Ceremony. It would be helpful with our catering arrangements if you could let us know if you will be coming to the Opening Ceremony and AGM. There is no need to let us know if you are just calling in at other times through the day. I do hope you are able to visit us on the 7th November. Best wishes Joe Griffiths pp Steve Griffiths Steve Griffiths 18, Manor Road, Lymm, Cheshire, WA13 0AY Tel: 01925-752763 Mobile: 07837 459156 email: steveandrachel@lineone.net
  12. Joe

    Vulcan Bomber

    Have found these which gives a bit more info http://altrincham.today/2015/10/09/vulcan-bomber-to-fly-close-to-altrincham-during-farewell-tour-of-britain/ http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/vulcan-bomber-flypast-greater-manchester-10223002
  13. Joe

    Vulcan Bomber

    The last flying Vulcan will fly over Lymm on Saturday (not sure of times) hopefully should be visible from other areas as well http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/aviation/11919082/Where-to-see-the-Vulcan-bomber-farewell-tour.html
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